let the light shines
Jacqueline,20,Vancouver/Boston,i play WoW and also like to watch sports :) ace(s)
It is not how you start, it is how you finish.Together we stand, together we fall, together we win and winners take all.Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

new era

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best of world cup 2014 । part 3


you guys are never satisfied with anything blizz do lmao


Female Draenei (Alpha) Snapshots

some of my favourite video game titles turned into movie posters

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Anonymous: describe your dream guy


Tall, dark, handsome, well read.  2500 attack points and 2100 defense points. 

World Cup 2014: Memorable moments  

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I really wish sometimes there will be a person who truly cares about me and someone I can really pour my heart for him.
Sometimes I wish I won’t lonely that easily.


video games are a wonderful escape from reality until you see your reflection in the loading screen

James Rodriguez thanked for all the posts and messages birthday wishes [x]

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Best of the World Cup: James Rodriguez.

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best of  world cup 2014 । part 1


when ur playing video games and u move the joystick half a centimeter and the character moves twelve feet and falls off a cliff


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Soooo recently just got hooked with ff14 the realm reborn….
Anyone else is playing it? Let me know we can be lving buddy lol